February 21, 2021

Try our 100% coconut-oil based hemp-infused MCT oil with your morning coffee. Drop the carb-filled breakfast foods, and start your day off with a weight-combating and healthy fat-filled CBD Bulletproof coffee. It tastes like coconut-coffee*, is packed with health benefits, and it's what energizes us to go to work and pump out cool products every day. We love it, and we think you'll love it too! That's a Johnny Apple guarantee.

Here's how to get all of the benefits out of the extraordinary coffee bean plant, the medicinal cannabis plant, and one of the healthiest fats on the planet — MCT oil — at the same time.

  1. Brew your choice cup of coffee. Go ahead, grab the pre-ground stuff. We're not here to judge.
  2. Drop a few drops of our 100% coconut-oil based hemp infused MCT oil.
  3. Mix it (or stir it if you like your cup o' joe a little frothy)
  4. Optional: Add your cream, sugar, or whipped cream and sprinkles; you're the boss of your coffee.
  5. Enjoy!

* For all of our black coffee addicts out there. Don't worry. The coconut taste is very mild, so it shouldn't interfere with your beautiful coffee-filled morning.


Our Johnny Apple Remedy tinctures are 100% THC-free doses of CBD that come with a dropper-top so that you can easily control your CBD intake. Remedy tinctures are affordable, portable, and easily absorbed. Our 100% organic tinctures are made with hand-selected cannabis plants. It's super healthy and super easy to consume. You can take Johnny Apple Remedy tinctures in a variety of ways, including:

  • Under your tongue (sublingual). Want to get your CBD in as fast and as easily as possible? Drop a few drops under your tongue and go! Our tinctures are super-portable, so anytime you have a spare second, you can drop a quick drop under your tongue, let it sit a minute or two, and you're done.
  • In your food. Mix a few drops of our Remedy CBD tinctures with some fresh berries, almond milk, and some nuts for a great morning smoothie. Not a smoothie person? Feel free to drop it in your morning coffee or tea. Hungry? Drop it on your favorite salad (or even mix it into the dressing itself.) Go ahead, drop a few drops on your hamburger - that's ok too. How you consume it is up to you. We all have different tastes; you do you.

Note: We don't recommend cooking with our CBD oil. Heating the CBD oil up is a no-no. It's safe to put on hot food or in your coffee, but throwing it in a pan is just about the only way you shouldn't be consuming it.


Our CBD-loaded hemp oil tinctures contain all the terpenes and CBD with none of the THC. We only use organic, fresh, non-GMO, hand-selected, and THC free cannabis plants. Johnny Apple CBD tinctures are a great way to achieve overall mental well-being. Get complete physiological homeostasis with our physical, mental, and emotional boosting remedy tinctures.

Our whole-plant CBD relief helps with pain and anxiety, smoking cessation, calmness, and mood. Everyone uses CBD for a different reason. Whether you are a professional athlete who's looking to limber up and reduce inflammation, or you're a laborer looking for pain-relief and mental well-being, Johnny Apple all-natural terpene-filled Remedy tinctures will help propel you to that next tournament or next big work project.