February 21, 2021

Acne of any kind can be a major headache, but adult acne can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable. Acne is primarily seen as a skin condition affecting teenagers. While the hormonal changes during the teen years do cause acne to be prevalent, it occurs just as often in the adult population.

Recent statistics show acne will at some point during the lifespan affect half the adult female population and a quarter of the adult male population. It is the most common skin condition by far, surpassing eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis by more than half.


Adult Americans spend a fortune and invest a lot of time in treating their acne. They may use harsh over the counter products, get prescriptions from their dermatologist, or utilize home remedies. Some people may find a combination of treatments that help them combat those unsightly red bumps, while others feel nothing will ever work for them.

Everyone's skin is different, and there is no one method of acne treatment which will work effectively across the entire population. Even those remedies guaranteed and proven to work on some level will not work the same on each person, with one seeing fantastic results and others seeing mediocre ones.


Two different studies have recently provided evidence that CBD oil shows great promise in treating the symptoms of adult acne. The studies were both done using topical application of natural cannabidiol with the extracted oil applied directly to the face and other areas of the body where acne was present. Unlike other forms of acne treatment, CBD does not come with major side effects and since it is ingestible, it does not pose a toxic hazard to humans.


The first study done on the effects of CBD oil in treating adult acne was published in both the National Institute of Health (NIH) and The Journal of Clinical Investigation. The results from this study noted that topical application of cannabidiol oil was highly effective thanks to the way the compound was readily absorbed through the skin. This makes oral ingestion unnecessary for treatment to be effective.


Tamas Biro of the Physiology Department at the Hungarian University of Debrecen carried out the second study. Biro found that hemp oil is so effective in treating adult acne because it naturally inhibits oil production by opening channels that permit calcium to flow into sebaceous glands found in the skin.

Another noteworthy find was that while excessive oil production was hindered, it did not suppress any of the normal, healthy glands your skin requires. This means that while the skin did not become oily, it did not dry out either. Dried out skin is one of the most common complaints about modern acne products.


The results of these two studies mean more than CBD oil being an effective treatment in adult acne. By allowing a healthy amount of oil to still be produced by the skin, it means that this could effectively treat all three types of skin – oily, dry, and combination. By lessening the redness and inflammation which comes with acne, CBD oil could potentially be used to fight other skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.

The best way to use CBD products or hemp oil to treat acne is through topical remedies that contain 0% THC content. With a guaranteed absence of THC, acne sufferers can safely use these products without fear of any of the side effects associated with THC - like hallucinations, munchies, or a euphoric feeling.

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