February 21, 2021

How to use CBD? A guide by Johnny AppleCBD

The medicinal properties of CBD are widely cited and more and more people are looking for a consumption method that best fits with their preferences and lifestyle. There’s a myriad of different CBD products out there ranging from delicious edibles, topicals & balms, tinctures, saps, waxes, and even genetically altered flowers / buds.

However, there is only one form of CBD for those that want the purest and most potent variant: The Crystalline Isolate.

CBD crystalline is essentially pure CBD. Depending on which company, CBD crystalline typically ranges from 95% (one the low end) to 99.9% (the highest form) pure CBD.

Different companies extract their CBD crystalline in a number of different ways. Some derive their CBD from the cannabis plant, while others extract from hemp (typically industrial hemp).

There are few ways to consume a crystalline such as ingesting it or adding it to an herbal blend and smoking it. These methods are fine and typically very straightforward, though they do have downsides. Ingesting crystalline is one of the least effective means due to the compositional breakdown through the digestive track and smoking it still has it’s carcinogenic potential from inhaling the smoke.

The most potent and least adverse method for using a CBD crystalline is either using a vaporizer or a dabbing rig.

CBD crystalline, which can be found at, has a melting point of around 300-350 degrees and if infused with terpenes, can range anywhere from 280-400 degrees. So make sure you invest in a quality vaporizer or dabber that can accurately be set at these specific temperatures.

Another option of course is to blend with an a flavored or unflavored eliquid purchased without any nicotine in it, like those found at Velvet Cloud and use it in a traditional E-cigarette style vaporizer.

For suggestions on some notable vaporizers or dab rigs: The Crafty, Mighty, or Volcano by Storz & Bickel. Any starter kit by Vapexhale. Boost by Dr. Dabber.

For suggestions on CBD Crystalline: Johnny AppleCBD for both pure and terpene infused CBD.