February 21, 2021

It's finally here! After over a year of constant work, our new product — the STEM — is here.

So, without being overly giddy, here are the details of our new CBD vaporizer system, and why we think it's the very best CBD consumption product on the market.


The STEM is a "pod-based vaporizer system" that is the first of its kind. This new vaporizer is the first product engineered explicitly with CBD oil in mind. It's beautiful; it's compact; it's easy-to-use; it's consistent; it's sturdy; it's simply the perfect CBD oil vaporizer on the market!


For those that don't like to read too terribly much, we have a quick burst-through of bullet points that will get straight to the point for you.

  • It starts at only $50 (and comes with a free pod too!)
  • It's sleek, compact, and has a beautiful finish.
  • It has lots of heating options (270, 300, or 350 degrees F)
  • Our pods give you a flavor-filled pull.
  • Our pods can be shipped online, and they arrive within 2 - 4 days!
  • We have 4 launching flavors: Pure, Zenergy, Bliss, and Calm.
  • Our battery lasts a long time.
  • We have passthrough charging so you can charge it while you puff it.
  • Forget waiting! You can preheat the STEM.

What follows is a little more detail and some explanation of why we did what we did. It's all about the heat, the battery, the design, and the pods. So let's jump into each one of them and show you why we have made the perfect CBD-specific vaporizer.


The first thing that will grab your attention is the STEM's sleek design. It's compact and elegant, and it's finished in a great charcoal black (With our logo slammed on the bottom of course! So what? We're proud of it!)


While most traditional vaporizers (and a ton of expensive ones actually) use 510 batteries, we decided we wanted something with a little more oomph! So, we worked with our partners and designed the perfect battery for the vaporizer. Three things were hyper-important to us, both as a business and as personal consumers.

First, we wanted a battery that lasted longer. At Johnny Apple, we don't just sell CBD - we consume it. We wanted something that could last us all day (who wants to lug a charger around with them everywhere?), and 510 batteries have a bad habit of dying halfway through our work day.

Second, we wanted to be able to charge the device while using it. Sure, having a long-lasting battery is excellent, but having a battery that can charge while being used allows our vape to endure those long road trips without forcing you to stick it in and wait for hours. So, we made sure that our battery had passthrough charging, allowing it to endure those road trips no problem.

Thirdly, we wanted a preheat option. We know that waiting for the device to heat up can be annoying. So, our battery has a preheat function. All you have to do is click 3 times in rapid succession and BAM! Your device will preheat for you. We want you to have the perfect puff every time.


When we were designing the vape, we wanted something that was simple. There are so many vapes on the market it's ridiculous. Tons of companies just pop a tube, a 510 battery, and some vape components into a plastic frame and put it on the market.

We wanted a product was intuitive. So, we decided to go with CBD pods. First, we built the entire product around CBD, so making a pod design seemed natural.

johnny apple CBD oil pods for the STEM vaporizer system

We never set out to build "the perfect vape"; we set out to build the perfect CBD vaporizer.

Pods make the CBD smoking process a breeze. It lets the consumer skip the measuring, pouring, and all of the other tasks associated with loose oils. Instead, you just have to pop and pod in and press a button.

Pods also give a quick flavor-full pull that really cannot be matched.

Our pods don't require you to visit a shop (dispensary). Since all of our pods contain THC-free CBD, you can simply order them online.

We have super-fast shipping. All of our products ship out within 24 hours and arrive within 2-4 days.

Our pods are a precisely-measured 0.5L (320 mg) of Johnny Apple Hemp-Extracted CBD that has been refined into a smooth, flavorful Distillate Oil.

There are 4 pod launch flavors (spoilers: expect more soon.)

  • Pure: This is your standard unflavored CBD.
  • Zenergy: Zenergy is a very bright flavor. It has notes of citrus, pine, and orange peel.
  • Bliss: This is a sort-of-sweet sort-of-minty flavor. It has some sweet fruit hints with some minty hints.
  • Calm: This is a little deeper. Calm has some hints of pine and dark berry.


At Johnny Apple, we are all about options. That's why we offer topicals, isolates, cartridges, tinctures, wax and — now — pods.

Our vaporizer itself needed to have heating options as well. Everyone likes a different puff. Some of us like it cooler; some of us like it harsher.

The STEM has three heating options: 270, 300, and 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

With three options, this vaporizer should adapt to the user's personal preferences.

We hope that you live this vaporizer as much as we do. We put our hearts and minds together to develop it, and we hope it meets every single need that you have.

Check out the STEM product page.