February 21, 2021

There is one thing that we at Johnny Apple take great pride in doing, and that is using only the finest grades of Hemp plant to produce their isolates. By establishing a high standard, Johnny Apple is able to produce CBD products that are 99.5% pure. That level of purity makes Johnny Apple’s CBD products pharmaceutical grade.

Johnny Apple Makes All the Difference
By utilizing only Non-GMO Hemp, Johnny Apple ensures there is no THC in any of our products. By ensuring this, we are able to ship our products to all 50 states. For our customers who prefer pure CBD isolates, Johnny Apple creates their isolates to meet the highest standards for quality and purity.

Plenty of Choices
Johnny Apple creates their Hemp isolate products in the following flavor profiles:

• Bliss - Hybrid: mint and earthy flavor; assists in pain relief, depression, and insomnia. 
• Calm - Soothing: sweet, piney, with a hint of berry; assists in appetite loss and severe pain relief. 
• Zenergy - Uplift: pine, apple, and wood undertones; assists in reducing stress, PTSD, and ADHD. 
• Pure: smooth black cherry and anise flavor; assists in pain relief, and anti-anxiety. 
• Raw: same as the Pure isolate, but comes in a raw, chunk crystal form.

Benefits of Buying from Johnny Apple
Aside from having the highest-quality CBD products, we are confident in the fact that our products will assist in aiding with relief for a variety of symptoms. We make only all natural terpene products, offer a 20% discount on products for Veterans, and make all of our products with child-resistant caps.

More Than Just Hemp Isolates

Johnny Apple offers a variety of products for our customers such as:

• STEM Vaporizer - developed and manufactured only by Johnny Apple. 
• Tinctures - highly effective anti-anxiety made with Coconut-derived MCT oil. 
• Topicals - for targeted pain relief and stress relief. 
• Cartridges - use with common e-cigarette systems for anti-anxiety, PTSD, ADHD. 
• Dabber’s Wax - alleviates Joint and Muscle pain with powerful anti-anxiety relief.

The Data Backs it All Up
Transparency is important in today’s world and Johnny Apple knows that providing the most up to date testing data is a good way for customers to better understand our products and their uses. If a customer has a question or needs further information, they can send an email to or if they have an inquiry into selling Johnny Apple products wholesale, they can go to to get answers.

Believe the Customers
We know customers are always looking for the highest rated and best-reviewed products before making the decision to buy. Customer reviews and ratings are available on our website and Johnny Apple is proud to show them. Many customers rate Johnny Apple with 5-stars and their comments are very detailed and supportive. Across our entire range of products, customers find positive feedback and superior ratings.

Lots of Information On Our Website
In addition to everything already detailed in this blog, our website has more information that customers find useful. Read our FAQs page and information about the company’s shipping and returns policies. Customers can purchase Gift Certificates and set up Wish Lists as well as sign up for the latest news and product insights.

Great Prices On Everything
As customers look around the internet trying to find the right deals, they quickly notice the prices for Johnny Apple isolates and other CBD products are incredibly affordable. Aside from our amazing high-quality products, our prices are one of the reasons why Johnny Apple has so many returning customers. Excellent products at good prices backed up with excellent customer service makes for a winning combination and Johnny Apple is pleased to bring it all together for their customers.

Hemp Isolates That Really Help
At Johnny Apple, we know that if the claims aren’t true, our customers will quickly disappear and won’t come back. That is why Johnny Apple uses TrustSpot to verify and validate all of our customer comments and ratings. Customers generally know what to expect and they can provide insight into each product or the whole company in general. We listen and we hear what our customers have to say because that’s the only way to succeed.

Purity, Quality, and Care
Johnny Apple is only interested in producing the best products and services for our customers., With our highest quality of products, customer service, and customer care, we are building a company that other companies envy. It’s this level of attention to detail that makes Johnny Apple and all of our CBD products the best on the market today. Browse our site and check out our Johnny Apple products for yourself and you’ll find a community of people who understand your mission and who strive every day to meet your needs and expectations.