(.5)ML Vape Cartridges

Our 0.5 mL cartridges are pre-filled with our high-quality hemp extracted CBD distillate oil. Due to the purity of this distillate, it vaporizes much smoother than more common full spectrum oils.

The Pure cartridges have an amazing "honey-like" flavor from the natural terpenes preserved from the hemp plant, while our Blended cartridges have our incredibly aromatic terpene recipes for specific tastes and mood-enhancing effects. 

Blend Flavor Profiles:

Zen: Bright citrusy notes with a touch of pine and orange peel.

Bliss: A perfect balance of earthy mint with bright and velvety sweet fruit. 

Calm: Hint of pine with an incredible and distinct dark berry finish.

*Each .5 ML cartridge contains roughly 375 mg of CBD

Contains NO THC, MCT, VITAMIN E, PG, and VG.


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